Vision & Mission

The objects of the Association

The Objects for which the Association is established shall include and enable the Association:

  • To provide a common meeting ground for  persons of Sri Lankan origin and to integrate with the Australian community on a multi-racial basis.
  • To promote and perpetuate the cultural heritage of Sri Lanka amongst members of the Association and the Australian community.
  • To propose measures and take action with regard to the interests and welfare of the Sri Lankan community and make representations to State and Commonwealth Governments and other organisations on relevant matters.
  • To Organise the raising of funds and such other things and resources for donations to charities in Sri Lanka or Australia.
  • To contact new migrants of Sri Lankan origin arriving in New South Wales as permanent residents and assist such persona towards settling.
  • To work towards the advancement of Sri Lankans and australians of Sri Lankan decent in New South Wales and in that regard to work alone or in association with any other organisation.
  • To participate as a body in matters of special interest to the Sri Lankan community in New South Wales and in Australia.
  • To work towards the reform of immigration laws particularly as they affect persons of Sri Lankan origin.
  • To establish a trust fund or funds to assist persons of Sri Lankan origin in Australia or Sri Lanka in need generally and to establish solely or in association with any other organisation a nursing home/hostel/retirement home, together with facilities or religious centres.
  • To promote social cohesion and harmony among the Sri Lankan community within the framework of a united and democratic Sri Lanka and work towards the perception of the integrity of Sri Lanka as a nation.
  • And such other objects as the Association shall approve by special resolution at a General Meeting.