Colours of Spring – An unforgettable night!


By Sharmila Jayasinghe Niriella

Sri Lankan Association of NSW successfully executed yet another spectacular evening of entertainment on 5th of September 2015. As the event name clearly states “Colours Of Spring” which was organised to usher in the spring season saw many Sri Lankan Sydney siders donning their spring colours and flowers prints and heading over to celebrate with family and friends.
This colourful night was which was held at the Yagoona Social Club indeed spanned out to be a delightful night and a spectacular success. The ballroom of the social club was styled into an intimate and elegant setting ready to welcome families and friends to a night of entertainment. The generous dance floor of the venue was packed all night with guests not wanting to leave as the DJ for the night Shehan diligently played music to cater for all ages present. For the pleasure of everyone, young and old, the night was filled with prizes and surprises galore.
The guests of the night were treated to a delightful dance performance by the Mystic Bollywood dance troupe. The highlight of the night by far would have to be when the talented girls of Mystic got the audience onto the dance floor to join them in their Bollywood dance ,routine. It indeed provided entertainment for the whole gathering as the volunteer dances young and old followed the leaders instructions instantly getting the hang of Bollywood steps which were humorously referred to as “washing clothes, drying them out & screwing the bulb on, patting the dog”.
Over 170 attendees were treated to delicious Sri Lankan themed entrees and a buffet dinner showcasing culinary skills of Roger Billimoria and his team. The MC for the night Sanjeewa Ratnayake kept the guests informed and entertained with his witty humour and easy going style. Ruwan Walpola, the president of the association ,welcomed the guests eloquently while Niranjan De Alwis, the public officer of the association and the head of the Colours of Spring event committee, provided the vote of thanks acknowledging the presence of the guests of the night and thanking the hardworking committee for a job well-done. The glitz and glamour of the entire event was captured through the lens of Dasmin Anupa Niriella.
The Association set out to provide an opportunity for families and friends to come together and enjoy a night of entertainment and they managed to execute this beyond expectations. Click to view photos

SLANSW mentioned in the Hansard

Page: 1358

Mr KEVIN CONOLLY (Riverstone) [12.32 p.m.]: I inform the House today about the Sri Lanka Association of New South Wales annual dinner dance held last weekend. Since being elected as member for Riverstone, it has been my pleasure to have been engaged with the Lankarama Buddhist temple at Schofields. From humble beginnings some 20 years ago, this temple has been gradually developed and enhanced by the Sri Lankan Buddhist community in Sydney to become a major gathering centre, a major place of worship, and a major place of learning and Sri Lankan culture.Click to read more